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Landlords Responsibilities

As a landlord, you will be subject to many rules & regulation which must be adhered too. It is fundamental that you have all gas appliances in the property you are renting out checked & serviced every 12 months. For further information click on the link below.

A quick over view of a Landlords responsibilities.

Below are is a list of a few 'must do' actions you need to know.

CO Alarms

These must be fitted in accordance with manufacturers instructions. They are now part of the gas  regulations & have to be fitted in all domestic rental properties.

Gas Appliances

All gas appliances must be serviced/checked every 12 months.

Landlords Gas Safety Certificates

Landlords Gas safety certificates must be kept for a minimum of 2 years by the landlord & the gas engineer issuing the certificate.

Gas Safe Registered engineer

Anyone carrying out 'work' on gas appliances must be Gas Safe Registered. To check if someone you are going to use is registered the go to & put in their gas safe number which will be on the GSR card issued to them to prove they are qualified.

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